Spotlight on Impact Investing – Doing Good While Doing Well

12 December 2016

Royal Society of Arts


Philanthropic and Government funding alone can no longer provide solutions to the economic, ecological and social challenges our world faces. The Rockefeller Foundation estimates that there is a funding gap of an estimated $2.5 trillion a year to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This is why the evolution of Impact Investing is seen as a positive development.

To better understand the potential of Impact Investing, the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council in partnership with Inclusive Ventures Group, will be hosting an event on “Spotlight on Impact Investing – Doing Good While Doing Well”. This event will be part of a series of events we plan to hold and it will take place on the 12th of December 2016 at the Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street, London. We will bring together leaders in the Impact Investment field, as well representatives of investment institutions, family offices, social businesses and High Commissioners.

This event will highlight the evolution of Impact Investing and its potential to be a catalyst for development, along with the risks and challenges. It will also highlight examples of best practice as well as potential Impact Investment opportunities in different Commonwealth countries and sectors.