Pilatus Bank Takes Part in Private Banker International Summit and Awards 2017 to Discuss the Digital Revolution in Private Banking

Pilatus Bank was nominated for the 2017 Outstanding Private Bank for Next Generation Proposition award at the prestigious Private Banker International Summit and Awards, where the Chairman of Pilatus Bank, Mr. Ali Sadr was a guest speaker. During his speech, which was attended by more than two hundred industry experts, he argued that we are about to experience a digital revolution in the next few years in mainstream banking. This revolution will come from the core of private banking, where the bankers have existing and interactive relationships with their clients. The mass-affluent are likely to be the early adopters of such revolution. Chairman Ali Sadr, argued that the mass-affluent as the most diverse segment of the market holds the largest amount of cumulative wealth, but is significantly under-served. Private banks with their minimum balance thresholds and mainstream banks with their retail solutions, have alienated this segment of the market, and he emphasized that technology can change that in a positive way.

Other competing banks such as BNP Paribas Private Bank, UBS Private Bank and Citi Private Bank also took part in the 2017 Private Banker International Awards ceremony.

Pilatus Bank caters for high net-worth and mass-affluent clients providing them with customised private banking and wealth management services. Being a member of the CWEIC, Pilatus Bank serves its customers through its offices in London and Malta. Pilatus Bank as a European regulated bank was awarded the most innovative bank in Europe in 2015 for its revolutionary digital platform.