Postponed: Proposed Commonwealth Saudi Arabia Visit, 4-7th November

CWEIC postponed its visit to Saudi Arabia, due to take place 4-7th November, until a mutually agreed and preferential date in March 2019.

We both want to deliver an event of the quality and scale that this deserves and we are grateful for all the effort our Saudi Arabian partners have put into this event. Our delegation included Heads of State, Premier’s, Trade Ministers and business men and women from a multitude of commonwealth countries numbering over 130, demonstrating the enabling power of the commonwealth and the desire to develop business opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

We are committed to the creation and strengthening of trade and business links with Saudi Arabia, and we are encouraged to return to this piece of work as soon as possible.

CWEIC hopes this inconvenience is understood, and we look forward to a successful event in the future.