Message from CWEIC Chief Executive, Richard Burge


“This newsletter is full of ambition. Two new strategic partners (one the government of a Crown Dependency and the other an international business) describe the Commonwealth from their perspective, and the role they see it playing in their own growth. We interview Lord David Howell, one of the most consistent and important supporters of the Commonwealth, in which he sets new goals based on a very 21st century view of world. There is an article form our strategic partner Standard Chartered Bank on the action they are taking to empower women and girls to be full equal participants in business and enterprise.

All of this encapsulates for me the key purpose of the Commonwealth; it is to provide a unique, vigorous, and enthusiastic network that encourages and supports our ambition to increase prosperity and generate economic opportunity. Enjoy and be inspired!”


Pilatus Bank Takes Part in Private Banker International Summit and Awards 2017 to Discuss the Digital Revolution in Private Banking

Pilatus Bank Chairman Ali Sadr predicts a digital revolution in banking over the next few years.

Lord Howell on the unique suitability of the modern Commonwealth to trade in the network age

Former Commonwealth Minister and President of the Royal Commonwealth Society Lord Howell of Guildford on the Commonwealth’s extraordinary trading potential.

De La Rue’s world leading design team helps bring Jane Austen to life on new £10 note


CWEIC Strategic Partners De La Rue see their Jane Austen centred design of the new £10 note unveiled by the Bank of England


New CWEIC Strategic Partners Ijara Capital talk about their plans to utilise the Commonwealth network


Pakistani private equity firm Ijara Capital look to CWEIC’s network for new business opportunities.


Howard Quayle MHK, Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, welcomes new CWEIC Strategic Partnership

Isle of Man to step up Commonwealth engagement with new CWEIC Strategic Partnership.
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Standard Chartered - Championing Girls’ Empowerment through Partnership, Advocacy and Investment


CWEIC Strategic Partners Standard Chartered hosted the Beyond Girls’ Education Global Summit 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 18-20.

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