Tourism Bounce Back

CWEIC has launched a “TOURISM BOUNCE BACK” campaign to help get the tourism industry back on its feet after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, with global tourism being one of the worst affected sectors. Tourism is one of the largest contributors to GDP for a number of Commonwealth countries, in particular Small Island States, and the revival of the tourism and hospitality sector will be critical to the wider global economic recovery.

Throughout this difficult period CWEIC has taken a leading role in supporting the tourism industry, and our partners, through the crisis. As a result of CWEIC’s Tourism Webinar held in May 2020, with senior government and industry representatives from over 30 countries, CWEIC launched our Commonwealth tourism campaign lobbying the UK Government to have Commonwealth countries, particularly British Overseas Territories and Realms, included in the list of countries exempt from the quarantine measures.

CWEIC Chairman Lord Marland wrote to UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, calling on the UK Government to reconsider the UK’s 14-day quarantine decision, to assist those countries that rely on British tourists. To date, CWEIC’s campaign has been picked up by major media outlets including the BBC, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

Now, as businesses start to create pathways toward economic recovery, CWEIC is pleased to be launching a Commonwealth Tourism Platform to kickstart the global tourism recovery as the next phase in our campaign to create a powerful platform to support the tourism industry’s recovery from the devastating impact of this pandemic.

CWEIC, Trade & Investment Queensland have partnered with a new, Queensland-based travel app called Travello which has more than 90 million followers globally to offer our members an opportunity to have their destinations and business promoted to Travello’s active global user base. Through this partnership we aim to promote the re-opening of tourism destination and amplifying some of the important messages of CWEIC members and partners in the tourism and travel industry to help accelerate economic recovery.