Ashlyn Goubault-Ebanks

Country Director for Caribbean

Ashlyn Goubault – Ebanks serves as CWEIC’s Director for the Caribbean.

As a Graduate of the University of York, receiving a Bachelors of Arts with Honours in Social Policy, she returned home to the Cayman Islands ready to dive into all the opportunities Cayman had to offer.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic she was a part of the CURFEWTIME & TRAVELTIME teams that help put Cayman in the very coveted bubble which allowed the Cayman Islands to resume life without the restrictions imposed by the deadly disease. She was subsequently employed fulltime with the Ministry of International Trade, Investment, Aviation and Maritime affairs (Cayman Islands Government) as the Desk Officer for the region of United Kingdom and Europe.

Although Ashlyn is based in the Cayman Islands she works closely with strategic partners, organizations and stakeholders internationally, and in particularly in the region of UK/ Europe.

Ashlyn is keen in working collaboratively to increase recognition of the region and to enhance network opportunities through an ever changing and globalized world.