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Antigua Launches ‘Nomad Residence’ Visa


Antigua Launches ‘Nomad Residence’ Visa

Antigua and Barbuda has launched the ‘Nomad Digital Residence’ (NDR) programme effective immediately.    Under the programme, Antigua and Barbuda offers eligible persons the world over the opportunity to live in Antigua and Barbuda for up to two years.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, in announcing the NDR programme, said that applications can be made from anywhere in the world to a dedicated government website at:

The Prime Minister said that the purpose of the programme is to attract to Antigua and Barbuda persons who can work remotely and yet service the requirements of their employers or their clients if they are self-employed.

“In turn, these persons will rent accommodation, lease motor vehicles, shop in supermarkets, eat in restaurants, visit places of entertainment and help to put money in the pockets of Antigua and Barbudans, and aid the economy’, Mr Bowne declared.

“Antigua and Barbuda is in a unique position to offer the ‘Nomad Digital Residence’ programme because, with our very low fatalities from COVID-19, very small number of active cases and our effective system of containing community spread, our country is one of the safest environments in the world”.   Additionally, the Prime Minister pointed out that “the government has invested in modern medical facilities, including a state-of-the art Infectious Disease Clinic and Personal Protective Equipment for a brigade of medical personnel”.

The country’s telecommunication system, linked seamlessly to the rest of the world, also places it in an advantageous position to attract persons seeking a safe environment in which to work and live their lives.

The Prime Minister stressed that persons entering Antigua and Barbuda on the NDR programme “will be required to comply with all our protocols regarding COVID-19 in their own interest as much as for the welfare of the Antigua and Barbuda community”.

“This is an opportunity for the country to earn some of the money that we have lost from the decline in the tourism sector that has affected everyone.  Therefore, it is in our collective interest to support and promote our ‘Nomad Digital Residence’ programme, and I urge everyone – persons and companies – to publicise the dedicated website on their web pages and social media pages”.   “This in in everybody’s interest”, Prime Minister Browne concluded.