Atiak Sugar Factory launched by CWEIC Strategic Partner Amina Hersi

November 2, 2020

CWEIC Strategic Partner Dr Amina Hersi, CEO of Horyal Investment Holdings has launched the Atiak Augar Factory in Uganda.

President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni commissioned the factory last week saying that the launch of Atiak Sugar Factory, apart from helping stabilize the prices of sugar in Uganda and boosting export stock, comes with a number of economic spillover effects. The Amuru district-based factory is owned by entrepreneur Amina Moghe Hersi and the government, which holds 41% stake through the Uganda Development Corporation.

The factory will employ 2,000 workers and will have an impact on more than 20,000 people and their families, and is expected to have crushing capacity of 1,650 metric tonnes of sugarcane daily with co-generation of 6 megawatts of electricity. Future production is expected to increase to 3,500 metric tonnes of sugarcane daily with co-generation of 27 megawatts.