Niro Cooke

Group Director

Capital Maharaja Organisation

Niro Cooke is a Group Director on the Main Board of The Capital Maharaja Organisation (Pvt.) Limited, Sri Lanka’s largest privately owned conglomerate.

He has been involved in developing infrastructure and energy projects in Sri Lanka since 2007. Having been educated in the United Kingdom throughout, and graduating from Regent’s Business School, London with a BA (Hons) in International Business, Niro brings an international perspective to business in Sri Lanka.

Niro is actively involved in developing large scale government infrastructure and energy projects, and is very passionate about sustainable development. His vision is to transform the Sri Lankan economy into a competitive and sustainably industrialized nation that adds value to the supply chain regionally and globally.

Niro also introduced Quintessentially Group (UK) to Sri Lanka & The Maldives with the idea of promoting luxury tourism as a way of attracting investment into the region, and to cater to the discerning needs of the growing number of U/HNWIs in Sri Lanka and The Maldives. Following its success in Sri Lanka & The Maldives, Niro has gone on to establish Quintessentially in Malaysia also.