AQ Hamza

Hub Director, East and Central Africa Hub

AQ Hamza is Group Director for International Trade Relations at Equity Group Holdings, one of the largest financial services institutions in East and Central with a presence in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan,Tanzania, Uganda and DRC. AQ serves within the senior leadership team with responsibility for facilitating trade and investment relationships, international partnerships and global engagements for the Group.


Prior to joining Equity Group, he spent 19 years in the United Kingdom, including 13 years as Director for Business Development at the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, the private sector arm of the Commonwealth, where he engaged closely with Governments and the private sectors of the 56 Commonwealth countries.


AQ is an international relations specialist with experience working across Africa, Europe, Middle East and South Asia, with extensive networks across senior decision making levels within these markets.

He holds a Bachelors Degree from Queen Mary, University of London.